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about edible natural world

The Edible Natural World series grows out of a passion that Chef Katy Sparks and Beth Carlson and Kip Beacco of Silo Media discovered that they share for supporting the local food makers and celebrating the amazing bounty of the Northeast region. We are thrilled to document what we learn from our sessions with the local farmers and other food producers as a way of deepening the farm to table conversation by drawing a direct line from “soil first farming” to that first bite of a delicious dish inspired by these remarkable makers.

The series follows Sparks as she digs deep into her subjects via intimate conversations with our featured farmers and makers- walking with them in their fields, digging into the soil and learning their tips and trade secrets. Edible Natural World participates in the harvest and then brings the bounty back to Sparks’ kitchen.  With her decades of cooking experience to guide her, Sparks riffs on the innate qualities of her ingredients while spicing the videos with kitchen tips and techniques, flavor pairings, and discoveries that connect the viewer to the edible natural world, enhancing our understanding of our regional foods from soil to table.

The pilot for the series was filmed at the West Stockbridge, MA Farmer’s market. Episode 1 featured Molly Comstock at Colfax Farm and Katy prepares a classic celery root remoulade and Romano Beans slow cooked with garlic and pumpkin seed oil. Episode 2, filmed at Indian line Farm with Elizabeth Keen featured roasted carrots, parsnips, and beets with a yogurt, cilantro and Hosta Hill kimchi sauce, and Swiss Chard Gratin with cipollini onions from the Berkshire Co-op, Monterey Chèvre, from Rawson Brook Farm. 

Sparks, Carlson and Beacco all live in work in the Berkshires in Massachusetts but they are ready to expand their range anywhere the makers, their stories and their delicious food takes us. If you know an inspiring maker you think we should meet, please let us know!